Oil Paintings by Christine Davis Mantai

About CDM

Artist's Statement:

With a style that is markedly loose, I am inspired by the expressionist and impressionist approach to painting and seek a deeper understanding of both. I began painting in 2009 for pleasure in retirement

Bio:  Director Media Relations/Spokesperson; SUNY Fredonia 1980-2007.  B.S. in Journalism earned at Marquette University (Milwaukee, Wis.) in 1973. Born and raised in Mayville, N.Y.

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I live with my husband, Ken, sharing 30 acres of rural Chautauqua County in Arkwright, N.Y. 

9 x 13, oil on canvas/panel.
9x12; oil on canvas panel; $50
9 x 13, oil on canvas/panel; Feb. 19, 2012
11 x 13; oil on canvas paper. In private collection.
6 x 8, in private collection. Oil on stretched canvas.
9 x 12 oil on canvas panel.
9 x 11, oil on canvas panel; private collection.
8 x 10, oil on stretched canvas.
18 x 24; oil on 3/4 inch MDF board; Classroom Final Project: Summer 2009. Self-portrait. Artist's Collection.
11 x 14, oil on stretched canvas.
16 x 20, oil on stretched canvas; Feb. 11, 2012; private collection (commissioned work)
Diane's Path, $25


I will take commissions to paint your photo, if the photo is a high resolution and is lit in such a way that it would lend itself to a painterly interpretation..  Prices depend on the size of the painting and the number of people in the painting, but generally, the costs range as follows:  $125 for an 8 x 10; $175 for a 12 x 16; $275 for a 16 x 20, etc.  

In photo at right is Emily VanDette of Fredonia, N.Y., with the painting she commissioned of her two children. The painting was done from a composite of two photos. At left is a detail.



Christine Davis Mantai, 9068 Skinner Rd., Fredonia, NY 14063; (716) 672-4849                                                         mantaicd@fredonia.edu