Update Second Weekend: We had 33 guests last week, and 15 today as the second weekend of Art Trail 2012 is underway.  

Sales today included the 9 x 13 "Two in the Race" at left.            

At Oils by CDM, Art Trail guests can view more than 30 paintings that I've done in the past three years, framed and unframed. 

See photos at right of this stop on the Chautauqua-Lake Erie Art Trail 2012, which is going on Memorial Day Weekend and the first weekend in June, on Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

This includes a collection of small panels and early paintings that are priced at $25 each. 

The visit also includes a tour of my studio, which we remodeled from a small loft in the upstairs, and expanded by punching out a dormer on one wall. Prior to that, things were a bit tight to say the least! 

Because I am self-taught, except for one college course taken three years ago at SUNY Fredonia, I have many books I've used for reference and understanding, and some of them I will be offering for sale at half price.  They are great tools for beginner and even intermediate painters---anyone who wants to hear what a "pro" would advise when learning to paint.

Refreshments at 9068 Skinner Road include coffee, lemonade, cookies, and chocolate!

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